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What do latex collars and cuffs symbolize in sexual activities

What do latex collars mean? Why are they so popular? Is there some latex cuff symbolism you are unaware of? It’s time to answer all of these burning questions! Let’s see some important facts about collars and cuffs and the reasons behind their popularity. 

Why people use latex collars and cuffs

The simplest answer to why people love using latex cuffs and collars is that they are fun. They can be a nice addition to your outfit, and latex will feel good on your skin. So, for some people, it is just a matter of style. They like wearing collars, chokers, necklaces, and other accessories during sex. Wearing them will make them feel comfortable, which will result in a better experience. 

But at the same time, both collars and cuffs have their own purpose. Collars are an excellent addition to the collection. These accessories often have rings that can be used with ropes, which is perfect for bondage. And when it comes to cuffs, we’ve seen them time and again in movies during sex scenes. In fact, handcuffs are the most vanilla accessory you can find in BDSM, and many people use them all over the world to spice things

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Why being a gay sailor is hard, especially when you’re at sea

Requirements of The Profession

Whether you want to join the Navy or be a sailor on a cruiser, this profession has some requirements. However, they’re probably not what you expect. There’s no school you should go to that teaches you about becoming a sailor. In fact, most sailors start fresh out of high school. These people don’t need or care for higher education, and they don’t have much use for it on the job either. Being a sailor doesn’t require you to do mental gymnastics to perform daily tasks. Instead, it’s all about having the strength to do them.


A sailor’s job entails taking care of the vessel you’re aboard. The tasks you’ll have will depend on your experience levels. However, all of these tasks are usually mechanical and require some strength. Sailors need to be practical individuals, make decisions fast in times of crisis, be practical, and persistent. As a sailor, you also have to be independent. Having daily tasks means nobody needs to run to their superior all the time asking what’s next. Each sailor knows what they’re supposed to do, and they’re always busy. So, if you love hard work that doesn’t strain you mentally,

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Do Men Need to Wear A Strap On for Better Sex?

Couples spend some awesome moments together in the bed when things get going. Men try their best to ensure their partner is satisfied. However, sometimes it requires an innovative approach to make things more exciting. A strap on can help you in making things more entertaining.

Strap on dildos are usually considered women’s sex toys. It is used in similar way as a man’s genitals, but men already have what it takes to please a woman during an intercourse. Should men wear a strap on to enjoy sex? The answer might amaze some people! Yes, men should wear a strap on for better sex.

What is a strap on?

A strap on dildo is a sex toy, designed for penetrative sex. It is a unique sex toy because it perfectly replicates man’s genitals. It comes with a strap that user wears to keep the dildo firmly erected. The dildo will be in the right position like a man’s penis and then you can begin enjoying penetrative intercourse.

You need to hold ordinary dildos by one hand when simulating sexual penetration. Strap ons allow you to keep your hands free and still enjoy penetration. Women love this sex toy because it …

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When gay Sailor was outed, he found his Navy buddies had his back

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In April 2015, I was heading back to my quarters at the naval base in Pensacola, Fla. I was on a high, riding my motorcycle back to base after spending the night with a guy I seeing.

I suddenly felt a lot of vibrations and it wasn’t a bumpy road. It was the phone in my pocket, buzzing with Instagram messages.

“Explain this,” one said. “Curnick, are you gay? Don’t lie to us,” said another.

My heart pounding, I pulled over to the side of the road. One of my friends had been going through my Instagram photos and found one of me with another guy on the back of my motorcycle. Their messages wanted to know the truth. I realized my biggest fear had come to fruition.

I was alone at the time and in tears, and I decided to come clean — yes, I’m gay, I told them. The reactions started coming in and, to my relief and surprise, they were overwhelmingly positive. While I did lose a few friends, the ones closest to me became even closer, because I no longer had to lie about who I was and for the first time they knew what …

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10 Tips For Sailing Beginners

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Just starting out in sailing? Here are a few sailing basics which should help you in the early days.

Get to grips with basic sailing terms

Before you hit the water, make sure you’ve read up on some of the basic sailing terms you’ll need. Being familiar with these terms will enable an instructor to impart information to you more easily, meaning that you’ll really get the most out of your sessions.

Take instruction

Don’t try and teach yourself on the water. Not only is this dangerous, it is also likely to be a time consuming and therefore costly. By all means invest some time learning the basics from guides and books, but practical instruction should come from someone with good sailing experience. A good sailing course is worth investing in.

Start in calm, uncrowded waters

One of the best tips for sailing beginners we can give is to start out in calm and quiet waters. Nobody wants to be starting out in rough open waters or surrounded by boats containing skilled yachtsmen who clearly know what they are doing. If you’re just starting to master the basics, then start out in conditions where winds are light and traffic is …

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‘Sacking gay sailors would have scuppered fleet’

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The Royal Navy ordered a review of disciplinary punishments for homosexuals in the late 1960s after estimating that more than half of its seamen had gay experiences.

The Admiralty realised that if every sailor shown to have performed homosexual acts was discharged from service, there would not be enough men left to run the fleet.

Instead the Navy investigated downgrading homosexuality from an offence that warranted automatic discharge, because that left sailors open to blackmail.

The investigation was triggered by the discovery that more than 400 men had been visiting a “male brothel” in Bermuda and concern that many more regularly slept with young transvestites known as “catamites” in Singapore.

Documents released by the Public Record Office today show that some senior officers believed the Navy’s rules were counter-productive and increasingly outdated in the “permissive society” of the 1960s. Others railed against a “perversion” that they believed was flourishing because of the “anarchic liberalism” prevalent at the time.

But the documents demonstrate that, 30 years before homosexuality was removed as a disciplinary offence in January 2000, the naval hierarchy realised the need for change.

The review was ordered in 1968 by the Second Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Frank Twiss. It …

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