What do latex collars and cuffs symbolize in sexual activities

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What do latex collars mean? Why are they so popular? Is there some latex cuff symbolism you are unaware of? It’s time to answer all of these burning questions! Let’s see some important facts about collars and cuffs and the reasons behind their popularity. 

Why people use latex collars and cuffs

The simplest answer to why people love using latex cuffs and collars is that they are fun. They can be a nice addition to your outfit, and latex will feel good on your skin. So, for some people, it is just a matter of style. They like wearing collars, chokers, necklaces, and other accessories during sex. Wearing them will make them feel comfortable, which will result in a better experience. 

But at the same time, both collars and cuffs have their own purpose. Collars are an excellent addition to the collection. These accessories often have rings that can be used with ropes, which is perfect for bondage. And when it comes to cuffs, we’ve seen them time and again in movies during sex scenes. In fact, handcuffs are the most vanilla accessory you can find in BDSM, and many people use them all over the world to spice things up even if they aren’t into the whole subculture. 

Relation to BDSM

The term BDSM covers a wide spectrum of activities, kinks, and interests. If we take a look at the word, we can notice that it refers to Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism. And each of these kinks can use collars and cuffs. There are many types of collars used in bondage/discipline, and they offer a whole new level of possibilities. 

Since cuffs are designed to keep one’s hands tied, they are an excellent tool for bondage. Furthermore, collars with a metal ring on them are rather popular in the BDSM community, and using them is quite simple, so there’s always room for some extra elaborate plays. 

Similarly, these accessories can be found in dominant/submissive relationships as well, and the dominant person can use a ring on the collar for the leash. Naturally, that means that they are great for pet play and other forms of role-playing as well. And these are just some of the reasons why people always associate collars with BDSM. It offers so many possibilities, and members of the community will find numerous ways to use these accessories in their scenes.

Dominance and submissiveness

There is one more important thing about collars, and it is related to dominance and submissiveness. In these communities, it is not rare to see people wear collars with a unique meaning. For them, the collar will symbolize the relationship status of the wearer, and some consider them as important as wedding rings. 

Sometimes, it is based on the material, color, and design of the collar, and it can show that the couple has just started dating and exploring the world of Dom/sub relationships, or that the situation is serious. The submissive person is usually the one wearing the collar, and it can signal other Doms that they are unapproachable. 

Since the entire BDSM community is based on trust, seeing that the situation is serious will prevent other Doms from making a move on the submissive wearer of the collar. The details mostly depend on the community, though. And of course, it is possible to see someone wear it just because they like the design. Not everyone follows the collar code, and they will use these accessories because they feel like it. 

Crowd’s perception about collars and cuffs

Some people are well aware of the meaning behind collars, which is why they associate them with BDSM. But even those that know nothing about the hidden meaning behind cuffs and collars can notice the design and you need to look at these how kinky they look. 

Needless to say, if we are talking about the obvious BDSM equipment, it is only logical that everyone will notice. Some forms of collars like neck corsets and latex models will scream BDSM, and it will be everyone’s first thought regardless of how much they know about the community. 

For the past couple of decades, latex and leather have often been associated with BDSM and kinkier lifestyles. And when people notice it, they will easily connect the dots. At the same time, there are models that are less provocative and obvious like chokers. Even though they have their origin in BDSM, these models became rather popular among the alt communities. 

So, in these cases, collars and cuffs would be a fashion statement, and there will be no deeper meaning behind them. That, of course, won’t stop people from drawing their own conclusions and making their own theories. And that only shows how these accessories have deep meaning and connection with BDSM.

Our recommendation

The question is should you get yourself a latex collar? And the answer is yes! There is no reason why you shouldn’t get one. Especially if you like elements of BDSM. Needless to say, those with a latex fetish will have an easy choice in front of them. 

If you are inexperienced in the field, you can always start small. There is no reason to jump straight into big latex models, face masks, and neck corsets. Try simpler models, and work your way up. This will allow you to understand more about these accessories, and how to take care of latex. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment, and check out different models. It will allow you to find one that is perfect for you and your partner.

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